Outside my window…it’s windy and cold.

I am thinking…can I really call this my daybook if I’m just now publishing it at 8:45 pm?

I am thankful for…Grandma Nury and her wonderful gift of blueberries…what a special treat for these cold, winter days.

From the learning rooms…Joseph is counting by 2s, thanks to the brilliance of the red and black cards on his calendar.


From the kitchen…the delicious smell of Italian.

I am wearing…yoga pants and a v-neck black t-shirt…all ready for bed!

I am creating…beautiful, beautiful memories each day with my children and my husband as the shining stars.

I am going…to miss these days of having someone tugging on my leg while I’m cooking when my kids are grown…so next time I look down to see a little one attached, I’ll stop and embrace the moment…really, who cares if dinner is 15 minutes late? 

I am reading…still reading The Five Love Languages of Children and desperately wondering: what are my children’s primary love languages?

Around the house…new windows!  To celebrate the new windows, we opened up the bedroom window this morning for the kids to gaze out of.  William decided that just wasn’t good enough, so he pushed the screen out.  Both boys loved touching the outdoors from inside the room. 

Living the Liturgy…brought back out the Jesus box and said a rosary.

One of my favorite things…an incredibly helpful husband.

Here is picture I thought worth sharing…

Both boys signing "Dad"

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