Outside my window…it’s so very rainy.

I am thinking…about my friend Lisa and wondering how new little Kate is doing.

I am thankful for…strawberries on sale in the middle of winter!  What a treat!
From the learning rooms…We’ve been studying America this week (in preparation for President’s Day).  Joseph sings “America the beautiful” so, well, beautifully! Here are a few pictures of  Joseph and William as we sang and marched to Yankee Doodle…

I am contemplating…”We are constantly torn between the all-consuming desire to be loved and the terrifying fear of being known.  Deep inside we don’t believe the two things can exist together, that if anyone really knew us, they would surely never love us, so we spend our whole lives concocting this wonderful, plastic shell that we fight like madmen to keep pristine.  But eventually the plastic cracks and falls away and what is inside is a raw, quivering mass of imperfect humanity that has always been lovely and precious enough for God Himself to love.”  Earlene Fowler, Steps to the Altar 

I am praying…for my dear friend Ann as she prepares for her surgery on Tuesday. 

From the kitchen…chili, in celebration of a cold, rainy night.

I am wearing…yoga pants (seriously, I think maybe I live in these!), a t-shirt, and a zip-up hoodie.

I am creating…right now…simply a Daybook blog, hoping maybe something I say will touch someone else’s heart. 

I am going…to call my sister tomorrow to see how her first week as an official stay-at-home mom is going…what an exciting journey! 

I am reading…still reading The Five Love Languages of Children…seems like there just hasn’t been much time for reading lately!

I am hoping…Daxson enjoys his fiction book…he always, always reads nonfiction, so it is with great anticipation that I wait for him to finish this John Grisham novel…oh, welcome to the wonderful world of stories! 

I am hearing…just the quiet hum of the computer…the house is bathed in silence while everyone sleeps.

Around the house…Daxson installed our new kitchen faucet (now when I “stand over running water”, I have a beautiful brushed nickel faucet to stare at while contemplating life, love, and the fine art of dishwashing!), which Joseph kindly informed me, “Mom, the correct way to say it is faw-cet, but if you want to say it the Joseph way, I say it paw-cet.  The correct way is with an f, but I say it with a p.  Isn’t that silly?”

One of my favorite things…seeing a child’s face light up with the excitement of learning something new. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Make a “Thinking of You” gift basket for Ann to enjoy upon arriving home from the hospital next week. 

Here is picture I thought worth sharing…

Here I go!

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