Counting my way through today…

# of times I’ve wiped a runny nose…I’ve lost count.

# of times I’ve said “God Bless You” to two sneezing children and a husband (who, by the way, continues to deny it’s anything but allergies)…feels like 2,164 but it’s probably more like 20.   

# of times I’ve wondered where we caught this one…only 3…I’m finally learning that it does no good to try to trace the origins…instead I’m putting all my energy towards getting through it and being preventive for the future.

# of times, just today, that I have wished that all people shared my philosophy of prevention and would wash their hands and keep themselves and sick kids (and siblings) home when coughing or sneezing…oh, I don’t know, probably 57.

# of times I’ve administered Benadryl or Sudafed…just twice; Dax has been the evil medicine administrator this time around.

# of times we’ve refilled the vaporizer…at least 3, but we’ve successfully stopped the barking.

# of times I’ve worried it’s the croup or RSV…at least 5.

# of times I’ve called the doctor…just once and he reassured me that it’s not the croup or RSV.

# of times I’ve cried with frustration at the thought of sick children…surprisingly, none.

# of times I’ve nibbled on that chocolate bar Mom gave me…2, okay maybe 2 x 2.

# of times I’ve asked Dax how he’s feeling…just twice…I don’t want to annoy him for fear he’ll retreat into his cave and I’ll be stuck by myself to deal with sniffly noses and icky coughs.

# of times I’ve checked William’s nose to see if it’s running…every single time I look at him…and yep, now his nose is running, too.

# of times I’ve been reassured by St. Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 10:13, “God is faithful and will not let you be tried beyond your strength; but with trial he will also provide a way out, so that you may be able to bear it.”…each and every time I’ve thought to myself that the worst part of having a sick child is the uncertainty that lurks behind that sniffling nose…worrying that it could be something much worse than a cold.

# of times I’ve reminded myself it could be worse, I could have 8 kids all with a stomach bug and only one bathroom…just once, I didn’t want to discourage myself from a large family.

# of times I’ve prayed and found peace…each time I’ve looked at my children today.

# of times I’ve praised God, not for the cold, but for the realization that we are usually a very healthy family, and there’s nothing so wonderful as good health…numerous times.

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