Outside my window…it’s beautiful…are you tired of me saying that yet?   

I am thinking…naptime is a blessing.

I am thankful for…cars.  I think it’s annoying to have to load up two kids into their carseats, but imagine if I had to hitch up two horses!

From the learning rooms…this week’s book is The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn.  Joseph’s more interested in another book he found on the shelf though…Where’s My Sock? by Joyce Dunbar so we’ve been reading that (over and over and over again).  I think this is a perfect opportunity to learn to sort socks and practice counting by 2s! 

From the kitchen…chicken tortilla soup.

I am wearing…gray shorts and a beige top (and thinking that I should at least make an attempt to match my top and bottom each day!).

I am creating…a Shutterfly page.  Usually I post my pictures on Kodak, but I have a coupon for free shipping for Shutterfly…it’s always nice to have options.

I am going…to have to take these little boys out shopping this week…we need sandals and swim trunks…essentials for summer!

I am laughing…because I told Joseph to eat a chip at lunch the other day and he said (in all seriousness), “Actually, Mom, that’s a Frito.”

I am readingCelebrating the Church Year with Young Children by Joan Halmo.  But I’m even more excited because my copy of Christmas Mosaic by Cay Gibson just arrived yesterday…and I am immersed in a wealth of ideas!

I am hoping…Mom and Cathy get to watch Clean House, eat ice-cream sandwiches, shop at a quilt store (or two or three…), and enjoy late-night girl talks while they’re visiting together.  (Okay, and I am wishing…I could be there, too!)

I am hearing…the hum of the a/c…and it’s certainly humming along…can it really already be this hot? 

Around the house…the books in the playroom are finally organized!  Now for my books…

One of my favorite things…fresh berries…thanks Grandma Nury for sharing with us.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I’m going to try to finish a craft project I’m working on (if only William would stop wandering away with my supplies); shopping for summer essentials; bake bread with Joseph.

Here is picture I thought worth sharing

C'mon Dad...I'll race you to the bottom!

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