Outside my window…it’s beautiful and sunny, but oh so very hot.

I am laughing…William just hit a button on the keyboard and I can’t get this blog to align properly…so much for presentation.

I am thankful for…a good night’s sleep.

I am learning…motherhood is a job that requires a lot of humility.  Case in point: William managed to break an $80 bottle of tequila at Grandma Nury and Grandpa Larry’s last weekend.  The only things I could offer were a very humble apology and an offer to replace the broken bottle. 

From the kitchen…fresh pesto…lots of basil, some walnuts, some olive oil, a little salt and of course, garlic…mmm, mmm…everybody’s eating it…even picky little William!

I am wearing…jean shorts and a purple tanktop that has a glittery butterfly on it…very teeny bopper.

I am creating…memories.  My favorite one from last week…seeing Don and Ingrid.  Joseph’s still telling stories about his friend Don.

I am going…to the post office to mail some more books for  Have you joined yet?

I am reading…the Rainbow Resource catalog…yep, it’s that big that I can actually consider it reading material!  Trying to make some final choices about curriculum and manipulatives for next year.

I am hoping…to take the kids to the beach again soon.  Look!  They’re actually warming up to the whole idea of getting wet…

I am hearing…Joseph singing “Father Abraham” with William attempting to hum along.

Around the house…some last minute Spring cleaning (it’s almost summer so I have to hurry!).

One of my favorite things…everything in its place.

Here are a few pictures I thought worth sharing…the Mighty Minds box says “Makes Kids Smarter” and “Keeps Them Busy for Hours.”  I’m not sure if the first claim is true, but the second is! 

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