Birthday Party

 Once upon a time there was a little boy named Joseph.  He was almost 3 years old.  He asked his mommy, “Can we have a birthday party for my 3rd birthday?”  “Sure we can,” his mommy replied. 

Joseph and his mommy began to make plans.  First they thought about where they should have the party.  Mommy said, “I have a great idea…why don’t we have it at our church?  They have such a big playground and a huge sandbox…I bet everyone would have a good time there.”  Joseph thought that sounded fun.  He also thought it would be fun if they made everything soccer-themed since it was going to be outdoors. 

So Mommy and Joseph (and William, too!) went to Hobby Lobby and bought some paper to make the invitations.  Mommy asked, “Joseph who would you like to invite to your party?”  Joseph thought and thought and then he told Mommy that he would like to invite all of his friends and family.  They made a list together and then addressed the party invitations.  Everyone was included.  It was going to be such a fun party!

Next, Mommy and Daddy took Joseph (and William, too!) to Party City and they picked out decorations and party favors.  It was a lot of fun visiting Party City.  There were many, many party decorations there.  It took a very long time to walk up and down each aisle, but finally Joseph decided which decorations he wanted.  He chose some sport-themed decorations and some party hats.  

Everyday Joseph would ask Mommy, “How many more days until my birthday party?”  He was so excited!  His guests were all calling to RSVP, Mommy was busy baking muffins, and soon his family would arrive from out of town.  Joseph could hardly contain his excitement. 

Finally the day of his party arrived!  Mommy and Grandpa Gary went early to decorate.

Then Daddy, Joseph, and William got in the car to drive to the party.  When they got there, Mommy came and helped them out.  Joseph was so excited to see everything all decorated.  But no one had arrived yet!  Where were all the guests?  It was just Joseph and William…

Joseph looked around again.  Where was everyone? 

“Oh, here they come!”  Joseph exclaimed.

First Auntie Jessica and Walker arrived with Grandpa Larry.  Then Grandma Nury came.  Soon Auntie Leslie, Uncle Dustin, Alex, and Grandma Cindy came.  Then Ms. Marjorie and Mr. John, Ms. Virginia, Ben and Gabe, Aunt Romy, Noah, Ethan and Alijah.  A little later Don and Ingrid came.  Auntie Jane and Neva arrived from Ft. Worth and finally Ms. Gail and Mr. Carlos showed up.  Joseph couldn’t believe how many people came to his party!

Everyone was playing, having a great time.  Some of the kids played on the playground.  Some played in the sandbox.  Some just ran around. 

Soon it was time to hit the pinata.  Joseph was very excited because he had never hit a pinata before.  Daddy held the pinata up by a rope and the fun began! 

Everyone was so exhausted from all the playing and the pinata, so Mommy said, “Everyone come and sit down and Joseph can blow out his candle and we can all do some coloring.”  Boy it felt good to sit down and drink some juice!  Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Joseph and then Joseph blew out his candle (although his candle was on a frosted muffin instead of cake!)  Then the kids all sat and colored until it was time to go.  Whew!  What a fun and very exciting birthday party Joseph had!

One thought on “Birthday Party

  1. What a great story and remebrance of his birthday. Good pictures too. Holli said that she reads it all the time and really enjoys it. Love, Mom


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