We love Jamberry by Bruce Degan.  We love the pictures and the rhythm; we love the rhymes, the adventures, the mountains and fountains of berries; we love the idea of a jam jamboree! 

So when strawberries went on sale last week for under $1 a pound, we couldn’t help but make strawberry jam and since we were already making a little, we figured we might as well make a lot and can it to enjoy in the months to come.  Nothing beats fresh strawberry jam…especially during the winter when berries are expensive and lack the sweetness of summer ripened goodness.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much that Joseph could do yet…so he watched…and he waited…and he kept me company while I cut and stirred and poured…and then finally when it was done, he was right there to try a nibble! 

After the dishes were cleaned and the jars were lined up along the counter, cooling, Joseph said to me, “Hey Mom, I think we should have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch today.”  I couldn’t have agreed more with him.  Joseph, William and I have never devoured a few sandwiches quite so quickly!     

It's getting thicker...slowly, but surely.

Filling the jars

The jar we just had to open and make sandwiches with!

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