Outside my window…night has fallen, but I imagine it is still so very hot and humid out there.

I am thinking…summer has made me lazy.

I am thankful for…so many things.  After finishing The Diary of Mattie Spenser by Sandra Dallas, I realize how many things I take for granted and how good my life really is.  Who knew that something as simple as windows and finished floors could make me stop and offer thanks. 

From the learning rooms…well…officially we’re beginning our school year after Labor Day, but Joseph insists that we do handwriting and phonics every day (and he’s quick to remind me if we’ve forgotten).  Anyway, I think it’s good to do a little something every day during the summer…it keeps our minds sharp and focused.

From the kitchen…berries, berries and more berries…I do so love the summer when berries are fresh, ripe, and deliciously affordable. 

I am wearing…gray shorts and a black t-shirt.

I am creating…a to-do list.

I am praying…for my friend Gail as she approaches her delivery date…may little Emily have a peaceful transition into this world.

I am reading…still reading When Children Love to Learn…there hasn’t been much time for reading this past week (or perhaps I just haven’t made much time for it). 

I am hoping…to blog more often once we get back into a routine, come September. 

I am listening to…just the click-clack of my typing and the pages turning as Daxson reads. 

I am pondering…Elizabeth’s article about transition.  Read it here

One of my favorite things…watching William dance…I love how he stops, looks up and announces, “I dancing, I dancing.”  Yes, my precious, I see you dancing. 

Here is a picture I thought worth sharing

A few weeks ago we finally had some rain and quite a bit of it, too…Joseph and William just love to watch the rain come down…

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