A Conversation

One of my favorite things about kids is listening to their conversations, especially a conversation between two kids.  Here’s a recent favorite.  (Just a note: these are not typos…this is what the two of them said to one another, which is what makes their conversation so incredibly precious.) 

Gillian (two years older than Joseph) said to Joseph, “I can pick you up.”

Joseph replied, “Really?”

“Yeah, here.”  And she did.  Again and again and again.

Fast forward 45 minutes and we were now in the parking lot getting ready to leave.  Joseph politely asked, “Gillian, can you pick me up again?”

“Sure!”  She gently laid down her notebook and pen.  She grabbed a hold of Joseph and lifted him off the ground.  She took a tentative step with him in her arms.  Then another.  Then she bravely decided to twirl.  Down, down, down they both went, Joseph landing on top of her.  They burst into giggles. 

“That was on accident!”  Gillian exclaimed. 

Joseph continued to giggle.  “Will you pick me up again?  But I don’t want to fall this time!  Could you be careful not to fall me?” 

“I told you.  That was on accident.  Here I’ll pick you up again.”

“Okay, but promise not to fall me.”

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