Outside my window…the sun is shining.  The days are getting shorter.  Autumn is on its way.      

I am thankful for…a respite from the heat and the hope of a cool fall.  The beginning of our week was so beautiful, we enjoyed our lunch outdoors.  We were even lucky enough to have Marjorie join us on one of those days…

I am reflecting…on St. Therese’s words, “You know that the Lord does not look at the greatness or difficulty of our action, but at the love with which you do it.  What, then, have you to fear?” 

From the kitchen…Italian Sausage and bean soup…it’s good, I promise.

I am wearing…jean shorts and a tan tank-top.

I am creating…some alphabet and alphabet sound cards for our tabletop pocket chart. 

I am still reading…Karen Andreola’s A Charlotte Mason Companion and slowly working my way through Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love

I am hearing…Daxson talking to William and Joseph reciting lines from Mary Poppins. 

Around the house…tomorrow the painting outdoors begins!

One of my favorite things…William’s newest response to all questions. “O-tay.  ‘Ere we go.”  It’s his standard response…William, do you want some applesauce?  O-tay.  ‘Ere we go.  William, do you want another push in the swing?  O-tay.  ‘Ere we go.  And then sometimes he starts the conversation…”Mommy time.”  “You want mommy time?”  “O-tay.  ‘Ere we go.” 

Here are some pictures I thought worth sharing

This week we had the privelege of visiting St. Thomas More’s atrium.  Mrs. Lippincott and Gillian took the time to teach Joseph a few things about practical life.  Then Joseph discovered the puzzles and happily chatted away to Gillian as he took them apart and put them back together.    

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