Don’t ask me for strawberries

Okay, you can stop envying my strawberry plant.  Everyone that sees it says, “oh wow, that plant is really growing.”  Well, that’s true…it is growing.  But today I went to water it and thought, ‘huh, these leaves sure look different than the other (not nearly so healthy) strawberries.’  Upon further inspection, I realized my “strawberry” plant was now growing pods.  Pods…as in bean pods?  What in the world?  Then I remembered.  When I was planting the strawberries, Joseph threw a lima bean in and everyone said, oh don’t worry about it.  Well it turns out that perhaps I should have worried about it and dug through the soil to find it because it managed to find the light and it is now growing beautifully.  So if you need some lima beans, I can harvest my bean pods for you.  But don’t ask me for strawberries.

Strawberry leaves

Bean Pods

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