Outside my window…it’s fall…no leaves turning colors yet, but at least it’s cooling off.    

I am thankful for…food to fill my children’s tummies.

From the learning rooms…one of my favorite stories this week…Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey, which is inspiring us to read all of McCloskey’s books again and again.  Today Joseph told me he has a loose tooth (which he totally does not) and he kept trying to wiggle his tooth.  I couldn’t figure out where he had even heard of loose teeth…I finally realized we can thank Mr. McCloskey for the dental lesson…Joseph’s pretending to be Sal from One Morning in Maine

From the kitchen…”Health By Chocolate Cookies” from The Sneaky Chef.  Joseph helped make them and then he and William gobbled them down for lunch…spinach and blueberries and all!

I am wearing…jean capris and a blue polo shirt.

I am creating…a wishlist for felt stories! Is there anything more inviting and fun than felt?!

I am still readingMother Teresa and Me: Ten Years of Friendship by Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle, whom I had the pleasure of seeing this week.

I am hearing…lullaby music as my little ones rest this afternoon. 

Around the house…they’re painting the trim this week!

One of my favorite things…daydreaming.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  A picnic with our dear friend Marjorie and a nature trip to collect leaves, acorns and anything else that is falling.

Here is a picture I thought worth sharing

The South Texas Institute for the Arts has an amazing Lego exhibit on display right now called The Art of the Brick, in which the artist has used only Legos to build his sculptures.  Absolutely amazing.  Photography is prohibited inside the museum, but we stopped to pose outside in front of this giant Lego so we’d have something to share with you…

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