Outside my window…it’s sunny and beautiful.  The windows are open, the house is airing out, and the breeze feels so good.

I am thinking…it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged.  It’s time to get back in the groove. 

I am thankful for…curious, eager little children.

I am remembering…our recent visit to Austin.  I must remember every little detail (and if I don’t, I will be reminded) because Joseph has been asking me every night to tell him about the time we went to visit Austin.  We had such fun visiting Austin’s Science and Nature Center and the play area in Zilker Park…

From the learning rooms…Week 10 of Sonlight 4/5.  Still tweaking it a little, but overall, still loving it.

From the kitchen…beans, beans, and more beans.  Not sure how it worked out, but the past few days every meal has involved beans…I think it’s time for a bean break.

I am wearing…a blue polo and black velour lounging pants.  Nope, I don’t match.  Yep, I just realized that.

I am creating…well, I’m still working on my own original preschool curriculum.  I’m only on week 2 of Year 1 (I plan to make it a 3 year preschool program)…I have a ways to go. 

I am going…to try to get some Christmas shopping done this week.  The sooner, the better, I think…that way Advent season can truly be about Advent and all the beauty that goes with it instead of the commercial aspect.

I am readingThe Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare.

I am hoping…my kids always feel safe.

I am hearing…Joseph’s TAG pen as it reads and William saying “Trip Trap, Trip Trap…” as he acts out the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Around the house…the guest room/office construction is at a halt.  I fear that perhaps the workers have forgotten us, although Daxson guarantees that is not the case. 

One of my favorite things…napping.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Reorganize the kids’ dresser and closet…cold weather seems to be visiting more often and their winter clothes are not easily accessible right now.

Here are some pictures I thought worth sharing from our recent trip to Austin

2 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. oH my gosh. What beautiful pictures. I will have to try to get the 3 seperate of the boys. The ones on the field trip. They are great. Thanks for sharing your life with us. It is so good to keep caught up especially since we don’t live next door or even in the same town.



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