I have this great book called Calendar Kids: Handprint Quilts Throughout the Year by Marcia L. Layton.  I look at it from time to time, completely inspired by her ideas, but I keep saying to myself, “I don’t have time to quilt!”  Then I realized that her ideas could be used for more than just quilts!  I decided that we’d make Thanksgiving shirts for the boys to wear.  Now the beauty of Marcia’s ideas are that they are not only incredibly cute but they also preserve a little bit of our kid’s childhoods because her ideas are based on using a hand or footprint for the basis of the picture.  Joseph and William (yes, even William) had a lot of fun making their turkey shirts.  William took a little while to warm up to the idea of having his hand painted, but once he saw Joseph having so much fun, he decided he’d try it too.  Now he looks at his shirt and says, “I high-fived the shirt.  See the brown paint?”  He’s so very proud!   

If you’re intrigued with the idea of handprint art, be sure to check back later this week…I’m going to introduce you to the absolute most brilliant home based business…you’ll be eager to find a consultant in your area, I promise!

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