Piggies and Paws

Sometimes I stumble across a company that I think it so delightful that I am so eager to share my find with everyone I know!  Piggies and Paws is one of those companies.  What an awesome idea!  Basically, it’s a consulting business with trained consultants who take your child’s hand or footprint and turn it into a piece of art.  It’s hard to explain so watch this…

After hearing about Piggies and Paws, I called our local South Texas Piggies and Paw’s consultant, Amy DeAtley (you can contact her via the Piggies and Paws website or find a consultant in your area).  I visited Amy where she showed me tons and tons of beautiful ideas.  I chose the prints I wanted (I can’t think of a better Christmas gift for grandparents!) and then I took Joseph and William last week to have their prints done (Daxson even had his print done, too, as part of a piece of art that combines both the father and the child’s handprints).  Amy did an awesome job.  She was so careful and thorough as she made their prints.  William wasn’t exactly a huge fan of having a stranger put paint on his little foot, but Amy still managed to get a great print.  I can’t wait to see the finished products!  Now what are you waiting for…preserve those little tiny hands and feet in a piece of unique art work…they grow so quickly, you’ll be glad you did!       

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