Outside my window…night has fallen.  Two little boys are sweetly resting. 

I am thinking…I should be sleeping, not blogging, but I’ve missed the world of blogging so.

I am thankful for…the ease of communication.  What would I do if I couldn’t call my mom and my sister on a daily basis?

From the learning rooms…just finished our first full week of being back after the Christmas holidays.  It is so lovely to be back in a routine.  William is showing a little more interest in schooling although he still flits back and forth between joining us and playing, but I can see his curiosity is peaked.

From the kitchen…this week has been the week of one-dish skillet wonders.  Tried a skillet spaghetti and a skillet spanish rice that were both delcious (thanks, Mom, for sharing your finds!).   

I am wearing…pajamas.  Nothing matches because the clothes that fit right now don’t exactly coordinate.

I am creating…a record of our memories.  I thought about no longer blogging.  I seriously considered it because I’m pregnant, and I’m tired, and I so desperately just want to sleep, but then I glanced back through the past year of blogging and realized I had created a storehouse of memories.  Things I might not otherwise remember when my children are older and I realized that while I may not blog as often, it’s important to try to do a little. 

I am going…to try to make it to Mardel’s education sale tomorrow and I hope to visit the Fruit King…they’ve got blackberries and strawberries at insanely low prices!

I am readingMitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison.  Yes, still.  I’m tired, I tell you.  When given a choice, for once in my life instead of choosing to read, I’ve been choosing to sleep.  But I will eventually finish this second round of Mitten Strings.   

I am hoping…for a year of peace and good health.

I am hearing…just the hum of the laptop. 

Around the house…the office and guest bedroom are almost done…well, at least we’re getting closer to the finish line!  Much progress has been made despite my fears that I would have to learn to install plumbing, electricity, sheetrock and floors. 

One of my favorite things…observing.  Just sitting back and watching my kids as they play. 

I am praying…for those who don’t feel loved…I can’t imagine a life without love.

Here is a picture I thought worth sharing…

Are you sure Santa can fit through here?

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