Outside my window…the sun is finally out again.  Maybe some of that icky mud will dry up now.

I am thinking…I dread doing our taxes.

I am thankful for…fresh blueberries in the midst of winter.

From the learning rooms…one of the few things I miss about my teaching days are the wide, open walls.  So much room and potential for exciting, eye-catching bulletin boards!  I have been wishing I could do that in our humble little homeschool, where our “schoolroom” shares space with our playroom but since it’s already a busy room I don’t want to overcrowd things.  So I was thrilled when my sister-in-law, Jessica, cleaned out her house and said, “I found an old bulletin board that we don’t need…do you want it?”  “Yes!” I replied, awakened by the possibility of a portable bulletin board.  The best of both worlds.  Plus it’s a double sided bulletin board!  Now I can easily make beautiful, eye-catching bulletin boards without crowding our room!  Thought I’d share some pictures with you…(by the way, the boys LOVE our new bulletin board.  We pull it out just once a day during calendar time and they are tickled to get their pointers and participate!) 

From the kitchen…simple, simple meals this week.

I am wearing…olive green pants and a rose colored top…I actually think perhaps I look like a rose today, stem and all.

I am creating…stories.  Constantly, I am creating stories to tell two little eager boys at bedtime. 

I am going…to finish watching the Math U See video, hopefully.

I am readingThe Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison. 

I am hearing…Joseph as he reads Green Eggs and Ham.  I love his running commentary.

Around the house…the new office and spare bedroom are almost done…painting is finished, ceiling fans installed.  Just need the floors and new shelving for the closet and I think we’ll be ready! 

One of my favorite things…day dreaming.

Here is picture I thought worth sharing…We’ve been working on estimating in math and this week we were estimating marshmallows.  Joseph guessed 100 and William guessed 4.  I think we need more practice…there were actually 32 in the jar.  Joseph divided them by 10s and counted them out and then handed them over to William who was happy to count them again (and again and again and again)!

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