Outside my window…it’s sunny and gorgeous, but the wind is howling.  The temperature is slowly dropping.  Finally, a little winter in our corner of the world. 

I am remembering…yesterday I framed a photo of William and Walker.  William went over to see it and was so excited to see Walker, he exclaimed, “Hey, that kid is Walker!” 

I am thankful for…walks with my sister-in-law, Jessica.  It’s so nice to have someone to get out and chat with.

From the learning rooms…put up our February calendar this morning.  Joseph loves the February numbers because each number has a heart on it (he’s always saying “My favorite shape is a heart cause I love ya!”).  Almost done with Saxon K Math and I think we’re going to give Right Start Math a try…I’m very excited to approach math in such a different way.

From the kitchen…homemade pizza today.  Maybe some homemade bread later in the week (just seems right with all the cold) and oh, wouldn’t chili be nice?

I am wearing…gray maternity cords and a black knit top.  I actually match and even look a little fashionable (until I put on my old ratty tennis shoes, that is).

I am creating…still working on the preschool curriculum that I started awhile back (lost a little motivation when the 1st trimester ickies hit). 

I am going… to order a fun print of Daxson and William from mpix later this week.  It so perfectly catches his little personality.  I know you’re curious, so here it is (it was taken by our friend Amanda Hagood in Austin).

I am readingA Child’s Book of Geography by Ann Voskamp, storing up geography information for our Tour of the Continents next school year (I’ll share more later).

I am hoping…the shelves get installed into the new office soon so I can move some of the “stuff” that’s cluttering the house out!

I am hearing…William’s rhythmic breathing as he naps and Joseph’s imitation of an airplane (done in a whisper so he doesn’t wake up little brother).

Around the house…the office and guest bedroom really are almost done.  The tile is being grouted and then the shelves need to be installed.  I’m sure there’s a few more things to it than that, but those are the big things. 

One of my favorite things…a coffee from Starbucks. 

I am praying…that my children always feel the hand of God gently guiding them.

Here is a picture I thought worth sharing:

2 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. I can’t wait for you to guys to come to town so all the little guys can play together! And I want to see that belly so I can make my boy/girl prediction 🙂 Unless you already know! In which case…you have to tell me 🙂


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