Outside my window…it’s sunny and gorgeous.

I am remembering…a beautiful birthday celebration for my nephew Alex on his 2nd birthday and the many fun memories created (like how happy Joseph was to “help” Alex open his gifts and how happy William was to “help” Alex try out his new toys!).


I am thankful for…naptime. 

From the learning rooms…we’re working on a Presidents’ Day lapbook amongst other things (like our everyday curriculum!).

From the kitchen…a roast in the crockpot.  We’ve been smelling it all day as it cooks and it certainly smells delicious!

I am wearing…olive green maternity pants and a black t-shirt.  The black shirt was a little too warm to wear for a walk today…almost came home and changed into shorts!

I am creating…a list of books I want from Usborne books.  I’m hosting an e-show.  Feel free to come shopping and stock up on some great books! 

I am still smiling…as I remember how Joseph fell asleep for his nap today…cuddled up on the couch beside me, with his hand resting on my belly, “just waiting, Mom, in case the baby kicks.” 

I am readingThe Aloha Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini, wishing I had time to quilt.

I am hearing…a bird chirping and the flap of the curtains as they are blown by the breeze.  I just love weather like this when we can open all the windows.

Around the house…it’s finished!  The office and the guest suite are done!  We still have a few odds and ends to pick up (like a shower curtain and towels) but Daxson is all settled in his new office.  Life is good.  Here are a few shots from before Dax moved in…

Finally...a place for everything!

One of my favorite things…falling asleep at night feeling the rhythmic thumping of a baby deep inside me. 

I am praying…for a friend as she begins her homeschooling journey…that she finds peace in her heart and support from those around her.

Here is a picture I thought worth sharing:

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