Outside my window…it’s breezy and beautiful.  We headed out here as soon as we could.  We’re making up for lost time.  Yesterday we came outside to run off some energy and were swarmed by bees.  Perhaps a neighbor hit a nest when mowing the lawn.  Regardless, we ended up inside ALL day.  Two little boys, lots of energy, no naps.  It was a long day.  A very long day.   Today there is not a bee in sight.  The temperature is just right.  The sun is out.  All is right with our world again.

I am thinking…about grace.  It’s what gets me through each day.  I can’t imagine being a mommy without the gift of grace. 

I am thankful for…a few moments to reflect on this busy life. 

From the learning rooms…today we’ve moved the schoolroom…yep, you guessed it…outside.  We’re doing our Draw Write Now lesson with sidewalk chalk on the driveway.  We’re reading, reading, reading (that’s the great thing about books…they’re incredibly portable!).  Later today when we head inside, we’ll continue with our RightStart Math.


From the kitchen…homemade coconut ice cream.  We made the batter yesterday so today we’ll make it into ice cream.  It’s meant to be our dessert for Easter Sunday but I have a feeling we might need to sample it a little later today. 

I am wearing…jean shorts and a pink t-shirt.  With this baby belly, I think perhaps I look a little like an Easter egg.

I am creating…next year’s curriculum.  Adding to it.  Looking at it.  Reflecting on it.  Thinking that perhaps I need to take a little from it.  After all, there are only so many hours in a day.   

I am still smiling…when I think about the other afternoon.  We built a fort and the two of the them played inside it for what seemed like hours.  Joseph read book after book after book to William and when they were tired of that, the two of them decided to bring some play food in with them and fix one another snacks.  It was so nice to hear them playing together nicely.  No squabbling.  No arguing.  No teasing.  Perhaps there’s a chance for a friendship between them yet. 

I am still readingOne Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, constantly reflecting on the gifts in my life. 

I am hearing…William ask, “Please kiss it Mommy” as he just bumped his knee and Joseph calling to William to join him for a pretend picnic (they’re pretending to be on their way to Austin and they’ve stopped to have lunch). 

Around the house…I’ve caught up on the laundry.  Today that feels like enough.

One of my favorite things…watching Joseph and William play.  Those little minds are always working.

Here is a picture I thought worth sharing…

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