Outside my window…night has fallen.  The days are so long now, sometimes it seems as if darkness will never come.  Thank goodness for those black-out blinds…I don’t know how I’d get two little boys to sleep in the summer without them. 

I am thinking…about all that’s good in my life.  And there are many, many things…too many to list, so many to thank God for. 

I am thankful for…life.  Life within.  Life just born.  Life preparing for birth.  Life that plays and bounces, tells stories, uses imagination.  Life that loves. 

My new little nephew, Gavin. Welcome little one!

From the learning rooms…everything is being orchestrated from my perch upon the couch.  We are almost done with our first year of Sonlight (4/5) and are continuing our journey through RightStart Math. 

From the kitchen…today was Grandma Nury’s lentils.  Everyone licked their bowl clean.  And William repeatedly let me know that “Grandma Nury’s cornbread is mmm, good.” 

I am wearing…these days my choices are limited.  There are only a few shirts left that completely cover the baby belly.  Today it’s a tank top and knit capris.  Not so stylish, but certainly comfortable. 

I am creating…still working on next year’s curriculum.  Everything is ordered and on its way…now to just organize all the bits and pieces.

I am readingSimplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.

I am hearing…the whir of the fan. 

Around the house…Daxson is picking up my slack while I follow the doctor’s orders.  Bed rest is no picnic.  I find myself looking around thinking of a thousand things that need to be done and frustrated that I can’t do them.  It certainly is a very humbling experience for a control freak…having to ask for help and being at the mercy of others.  I suspect God has a plan here.

One of my favorite things…the imagination of a little boy.  Today the box that arrived in the mail became the spaceship, the packing paper was the spacesuit…suddenly we were all transported to Jupiter where Joseph kindly informed us, “You’re getting wet…it’s raining on Jupiter right now.” 

Here is a picture I thought worth sharing…

Everybody got a ride on Grandpa’s motorcycle…even the baby in utero! 


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