Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Often as adults things lose their awe.  We are no longer struck by big events or big stadiums or big crowds.  Things like baseball games have lost their magic.  Not so for little boys.  Early in May we took Joseph and William to their first baseball game.  Grandma Nury, Grandpa Larry, and Noah met us there.  I figured we’d make it through a few innings and have two antsy little boys on our hands…turns out a baseball game holds more magic than I remembered…we made it almost through the entire game…and in the end it was me that was tired and ready to go…not them!  Seeing the ball game through their eyes was extremely rewarding…the real baseball players, the seats that pop up and down, the mascot running around, the crowd cheering, the music, even the scoreboard…everything was fascinating to these two boys.  The entire event captivated them.  Now everything William sees is a potential bat and he continually asks Joseph to tell him the story about the time we went to the baseball game…seems going to the baseball field was a huge hit!   


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