Outside my window…the sun is shining.  Unfortunately that bright, beautiful sun is making it miserably hot outside.  We’re actually still inside this morning, just trying to avoid the heat.

I am thinking…kids are so funny.  Joseph is thrilled with a new joke that he learned.  Regardless of how many times he tells it, he’s still cracking up at how incredibly funny he is.  (Here’s the joke:  If the red house is on the right and the blue house is on the left, where is the white house?  In Washington DC!)

I am reflecting…on my parenting.  The thing about parenting is it’s a learning process.  I still have so much to learn. 

I am thankful for…inquisitive little minds. 

I am praying for…a complete recovery and a gentle transition back into this crazy life. 

From the learning rooms…still just doing a medley of sorts, trying to keep a school routine, but not really following any particular curriculum.  We’re doing lots of reading, a little math, some critical thinking, and still working on phonics.  A consistent routine is more important right now than a hefty curriculum, so that’s our focus.

From the kitchen…Pillsbury apple turnovers for breakfast.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.  Not the healthiest, but these days it’s all about convenience.  Soon we can be all about health again.

I am wearing…a black polo shirt and jean shorts.  It feels good to be in real clothes (even if they are still maternity clothes).    

I am creating…a calendar for this next school year. 

I am readingJust So Stories by Rudyard Kipling with Joseph. 

I am hearing…William running down the hall and Joseph warning Andrew, “Here comes trouble!”

Around the house…I’m still holding down the couch, coming up with a zillion lists of things I’m going to do when this bedrest is over.

One of my favorite things…a content newborn.

Here is a picture I thought worth sharing…

 The baby shower that Nury and Mom had for me while I was pregnant with Andrew was a quilting shower.  All the guests appliqued a block for the quilt and Mom did the rest…she did a beautiful job arranging it and sewing it together.  The beauty of this quilt is not just the fine details of each stitch and block, but it’s the love that went into creating it.  Here’s the finished project.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to make a square for Andrew and thank you to Mom for all of her hard work…together we all made a very special gift for little baby Andrew.  (You can’t see it in this picture, but each block has a handwritten message for Andrew by the person who appliqued the block…he’ll always know how much his birth was anticipated and how incredibly loved he was before he even arrived!) 

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