Outside my window…it’s windy.  I can still hear William praying when we were outside, frustrated with the wind knocking his golf ball off the tee, “Please God.  Stop the wind.  Amen.”  His prayer went unanswered and Joseph tried to explain that “God doesn’t always answer us right away…at least that’s what Max Lucado says.”  Glad to know that the Hermie movies are making an impression.

I am thinking…I love reading stories to the kids that rhyme.  Our favorite this week?  The Duchess Bakes a Cake…one of my favorites from when I was a kid.

I am thankful…for the little things that I fail to acknowledge.  Oh, like arms and legs.  I take so many things for granted.

From the learning rooms…working on a “d”elightful “D” week.  Will post our “C” week adventures soon.

In the kitchen…slow cooked beef, rice, and corn.  Mmm, comfort food at its best.

I am wearing…gray knit capris and a black t-shirt.  Comfy.

I am readingPlayful Learning by Mariah Bruehl…full of lots of great ideas for teaching the little ones.  Also reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. 

One of my favorite things…watching Joseph and William try to solve a problem.  Earlier today they knocked over the basketball hoop and then took it apart.  After playing with it like that for awhile, they tried their best to put it back together.  They work quite well together.  Each had ideas of how to fix it.  One would say his idea and then the two would work together to try it.  Unfortunately, their ideas didn’t work out, but at least they tried. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…Andrew wasn’t really too happy to be held by his big brothers at this moment…but it now takes two of them to hold the little guy…he’s growing so fast!

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