F is for…(part two)

This is part two for F week.  Part one is here.

F is for….firefighters.  We did lots and lots of reading about firefighters (Joseph loves dressing up as a firefighter).  We read Firefighters A to Z, Smokejumpers One to Ten, Fire! Fire!, A Day with Firefighters, Firefighters, Fred the Firefighter and A Visit to the Fire Station.  Joseph completed a fire safety lapbook.  Then we had an awesome field trip to our local firehouse.  Capt. Ortiz, with the help of Firefighters Eddie and Liz, went out of their way to show us all kinds of things about firefighters.  We got to see where they sleep, eat, and relax.  We got to get inside the fire truck and see the lights flash.  Joseph’s favorite part of the trip was seeing Captain Ortiz put on all of his fire fighting gear…oxygen tank and all.  Joseph and Walker even got to spray the hose (William wasn’t quite so adventurous!).  William points out the firehouse every time we drive down the street and Joseph is still talking about his trip there.  Definitely a sucess!

F is for…flag.  For our history lesson, we learned about the United States flag.  We read some great books (see our book basket below) and then painted our own flags.  (I realize the flags don’t have 13 stripes…the first one did and when I realized how impossible it would be for a 2 and a 4 year old to paint those skinny stripes, I decided to do fat stripes instead, regardless of the inaccuracy…if you ask them how many stripes are on the US flag, they know…so I guess it didn’t really matter.) 

F is for…frosting.  For a practical life exercise, we frosted cupcakes.  Since our diet is missing a lot of things these days (due to Andrew’s allergies), we tried a Duncan Hines lemon cake mix (it has no dairy, soy or eggs) and mixed it with Ginger Ale.  The cupcakes turned out quite yummy.  We then frosted them with blackberry jam.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.

In our book baskets this week:

History (flag):  The Flag We Love; I Pledge Allegiance; The Star Spangled Banner

Science (farm animals, flowers):  Farm; Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm; The Year at Maple Hill Farm; The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales; Farm Animals; From Seed to Pumpkin; The Pumpkin BookPumpkin Circle: The Story of a GardenThe Reason for a Flower; Roots; Seeds; Leaves; Flowers; Planting a Rainbow  

Favorite F books:  From Head to Toe; Frog and Toad Together; Fox in Socks; The Five Chinese Brothers; A Fly Went By; Flower Garden; Fly, Jimmy, Fly!; The Fire Cat; Fin M’Coul; Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed; The Flea’s Sneeze; The Fox and the Crow; Flip and Flop; Frederick; Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree; Falling for Rapunzel; Flat Stanley and the Firehouse; Five Little Pumpkins

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