Outside my window…there were ducks!  These pictures are from last week (coincidentally they showed up on my birthday, so naturally Daxson took full credit, claiming they were a birthday surprise!).  The ducks showed up first thing in the morning and were quite happy to be fed.  Apparently they were still there at nightfall.  We were not.  We were in Austin, but Daxson received a text from our neighbor, asking if the ducks were ours, as they were in our front yard again searching for water.  I saw them again down the street this morning. 

I am thankful…when our internet actually works.  Lately we’ve been having some issues and it seems like it always happens right in the middle of a blog.  A few weeks ago it was a provider issue; now it seems to be a wireless issue. 

I am remembering…my birthday one year ago.  We’re all a year older.  Possibly a little wiser.  Certainly more blessed.

From the learning rooms…still on “G” week.  Will post details soon. 

In the kitchen…pie made with the leftover roast.  Mmm, it’s like dinner and a treat, all in one.

I am wearing…green pants and a pink t-shirt.  I look like a spring flower. 

I am hoping…for cool weather.  And while I’m hoping for what seems impossible here in the deep south, I’ll also hope for rain. 

I am hearing…the dryer.   

Around the house…suitcases are all unpacked.  Laundry is done (with the exception of the diapers that are still in the dryer).  Toys are picked up and put away.  Sigh of relief.

One of my favorite things…birthdays.  A reason to celebrate.  A time for family and friends and good food.  Memory making at its best.  (A special thanks to Mom and Dad for such an amazing dinner!)

Here are some pictures for thought I am sharing…Halloween.  Joseph and William’s first time trick-or-treating.  By the end of the night, William had the routine down (we just couldn’t convince him to say trick or treat before the candy was dropped in!).  Wait for someone to answer the door.  Wait for the candy to be dropped in his bucket.  Then he’d reply, “Thank you.  Trick or treat.  Bye-bye.”  Joseph went from house to house, arms out, “ooohing,” quite pleased with his impression of a ghost. And Andrew?  Well, he went face-forward in a carrier, content just to be along for the ride. 


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