Outside my window…it’s windy and cold.  Finally.  It’s supposed to warm up again at the end of the week, but I’m enjoying this lovely little bit of fall. 

I am remembering…William’s prayer earlier today.  “O Jesus, I offer you today, all that I think and do and say.  And Jesus, please bring me some left-handed golf clubs.  Amen.”

I am thankful…for Sundays.

From the learning rooms…in the midst of “H” week. 

In the kitchen…chicken enchilada soup. 

I am wearing…light green yoga pants and a hot pink t-shirt.  I think I may have been wearing this for the last daybook…not to worry, I’ve done plenty of laundry since then.

I am hearing…Daxson turn the page of his book.

I am readingHeaven on Earth and picking up lots of good ideas.

One of my favorite things…cold, rainy days. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…our new bedtime ritual…prayer by candlelight (that’s one of the candles we made last week when we visited the Texas Annual Beekeeper’s Convention…more on that to come soon!). 

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