Outside my window…it’s raining.  The perfect excuse to stay inside and paint.

I am thinking…tax time is not my favorite time of the year.  To think that I once thought I might want to do this for a living.  Give me diapers to wash, babies to nurse, sticky fingers to clean any day over taxes. 

I am thankful…for hearing Mom repeatedly say throughout my childhood, “This too shall pass.”  Positive thinking at its best.  And it’s almost always true. 

From the learning rooms…we’re still traveling along the Alphabet Path, visiting letter Q this week.  Quicksand and quilt patterns, queens and quiet…we’re making the best of an odd letter.

In the kitchen…homemade, gooey chocolate chip cookies.  Egg free.  Dairy free.  Soy free.  Nut free.  It seems impossible for them to taste so good, but trust me…they do.

I am wearing…jeans and a thick striped short sleeve polo shirt.

I am creating…a list.  Aren’t I always? 

I am reading…Falling Home by Karen White, crying my eyes out (yes, I just said that). 

I am wishing…I had time to sew.  I want the boys to have custom made blankets for their move to their “big” bed and I wish so badly I had time to make the blankets myself.  By the time I thread my bobbin, though, they will have outgrown the blankets I’m imagining, so instead I’ve found the perfect solution on etsy.  Need baby blankets, taggies, or burp cloths?  Check out Aimee’s etsy shop.    

I am listening…to Joseph as he tries to make the biggest number ever on his calculator. 

I am looking forward toAlex’s birthday.  3 years old already.  Where does the time go? 

Around the house…sprucing up the kids room so they can actually start sleeping in it.  Imagine that. 

I am remembering…a few weeks ago when I turned around and Joseph said, “I just did it because it’s his favorite color.”  Uh-oh.  “You did what?”  “That.”  And with that simple reply he pointed to William, whose arms had been colored black.  William proudly held out his arms and exclaimed, “Now I’m just like Martin Luther King, Jr.”   At least I know he was paying attention for our history lesson.

I am praying…The Memorare, finding comfort in the repitition. 

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing

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