Outside my window…it’s cloudy and windy.  The high today is supposed to be 71.  Seems as though winter never really arrived here.

I am noticing…Joseph has been reading for a long time, but he has just recently found himself enamored with reading aloud to anyone who will listen.  William curls up on the couch beside him and Joseph is happy to read whatever is available.  It doesn’t replace our reading time together, but it certainly adds a new dimension to our day.

I am thankful…that I have Daxson.  I just can’t imagine taking this parenting journey alone.  I am so grateful for all the little gestures of love. 

From the learning rooms…we spent this week on the letter R.  I know I owe you many weeks of our Alphabet Journey.  I’m still looking for a way to add hours to my days.

In the kitchen…I couldn’t help myself.  We made those yummy chocolate chip cookies again.  And with Ash Wednesday coming up this week, I imagine we’ll be making some homemade soft pretzels very soon.

I am wearing…black yoga pants, a navy blue t-shirt and an eggplant colored hoodie.  As usual, I don’t match, but I am comfy.

I am creating…Lenten plans. 

I am going…to make it to Confession.  I am inspired by my sister’s idea to cleanse my soul before this upcoming 40 day Lenten journey.  I cannot think of a better prelude to Lent.

I am readingAbandonment to Divine Providence by Jean-Pierre de Caussade as preparation for Lent (this will probably take me through Lent as well). 

I am listening…to silence.  Daxson is feeding the kids lunch and I am writing this in complete silence, out in Daxson’s office.  Amazing how a little bit of silence can be so incredibly uplifting.

I am looking forward to…celebrating Alex’s 3rd birthday.

Around the house…I need to pull out the 18 month clothes for little Roo.  I noticed that his 12-18 month pajama bottoms are a little too snug. 

I am remembering…the pride in Joseph’s smile yesterday when he brought out a container of squares that he had cut from a piece of paper…all by himself.  Jagged little lines, perfect in his eyes…and mine, too.

I am pondering…”To achieve the height of holiness, people must realize that all they count as trivial and worthless is what can make them holy…consider your life and you will see it consists of countless trifling actions.  Yet God is quite satisfied with them, for doing them as they should be done is the part we have to play in our striving for perfection.”  Jean-Pierre de Caussade

One of my favorite things…snuggling first thing in the morning with well-rested, happy little children!

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing

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