Outside my window…it’s sunny and beautiful.  I think Mother Nature forgot to send winter our way.  Yesterday was in the mid-80s.  We were wearing shorts and sweating out in the sun.  Today it’s supposed to be low 70s…a beautiful spring day.

I am admiring…Joseph’s attention to detail.  He has been saving his commission to buy Henry the green train.  He finally earned enough and bought the train.  After playing with it for awhile, he brought it out to me and told me that there must be some mistake.  Henry wasn’t the right size.  After further explanation, I learned that he read in Henry the Green Train (by Rev. W Audry) that Henry was bigger than James, but smaller than Gordon.  He showed me his toy trains Henry and Gordon and sure enough, they were the same size.  I told him he had two choices.  He could either write to the company and explain their mistake or he could just play with them as they are.  He said he wanted to write a letter so I told him to start it with “Dear Sir.”  Off he went.  A little while later, he brought this letter to me:

He proudly mailed the letter yesterday and is waiting for their response.  Let’s hope they send one.

From the learning rooms…finishing up S week (we spent two weeks on this splendid letter!) and hoping to post one big blog to catch up on our Alphabet Path.

In the kitchen…homemade baking powder biscuits with sausage and smoothies.  A special Saturday morning treat.

I am wearing…gray shorts and a blue t-shirt.  Proper workout attire.

I am creating…a blog about our Lenten plans…hoping to get it posted before Lent is over!

I am going…to adoration this afternoon and looking forward to a few moments of peace with the Prince of Peace.

I am readingAbandonment to Divine Providence by Jean-Pierre de Caussade.

I am listening…to the dishwasher running, the rhythmic click of Andrew’s swing as he naps, William asking me to get him some tape, and Joseph reading his “shopping list” to me as he runs around the playroom trying to find all the things on his list.  I am amazed that I can listen to so many things at once.

I am looking forward to…visiting this quaint little quilt shop in Austin again.  Mom discovered Kim’s shop, Hennig House Quilt Shop, this past December and took the boys and me out to visit while were were there last month.  Kim’s shop is awesome!  It’s filled with beautiful quilts, delightful fabrics, and lots of patterns to spark your creativity.  Kim just recently published her first book Story Time: Picture Books to Stir a Child’s Imagination.  It is filled with incredible applique patterns for making children’s quilts.  I enjoyed the opportunity to visit with Kim, while the boys enjoyed the opportunity to feed Kim’s goats.  If you’re in the Austin area, add Kim’s shop to your list as a must-visit.

Around the house…tried soaking the shower curtain liner (one of those fabric microfiber ones) in Oxy-Clean.  Didn’t get it clean.  Put it out in the sun to bleach it.  Still didn’t get it clean.  Already tried Nature Bright.  I guess I may have to finally give in and use a little Clorox.  Or just buy a new liner.

I am remembering…a tiny little blessing born three years ago.

It’s hard to believe that we just celebrated his 3rd birthday.  Happy Birthday Alex!  (Thanks for letting us help blow out your candles!)

One of my favorite things…little babies…here’s Stephanie with little Harrison, who just recently turned 2 months old.

Here are some pictures for thought I am sharing

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