M through S…

I have fallen behind on blogging for the Alphabet Path.  In an effort to catch up, I’m going to post one blog here about letters M through S.  We’ve been continuing along with the Alphabet Path plans, so for the main plans (including faith, art, letter formation, nature study and language) you can head on over to Serendipity.  Serendipity also has tons of picture book suggestions, so head over there for ideas.

Here are the highlights from our Alphabet Path studies, along with a few photos.

M is for…St. Martin de Porres and mice, so we made mice using cupcakes, m & ms, and homemade marshmallows (I think the first two pictures are actually Monday morning muffin making).

M is for…Martin Luther King, Jr.  I blogged about this picture here.  We read about Martin Luther King, Jr. in Martin’s Big Words and If a Bus Could Talk.

N is for…numbers.  We used sidewalk chalk to practice number patterns.  Then Joseph and William had to find nature items to match their numbers.

O is for…oops!  I forgot to take any photos and the only thing worth noting that we did this week was learn about owls.

P is for…The Story of Ping.  We took a little detour from our Alphabet Path routine and did a lapbook about Ping during P week.  It was a nice break.

Q is for…quicksand.  We read The Quicksand Book by Tomie de Paola and the kids were wildly amused with the idea of quicksand.  So we read it over and over and over again.  We know quite a bit about quicksand now.

Q is for quilts.  Due to my lack of planning, we didn’t actually sew or quilt, but we did flip through some quilt pattern books and Joseph found a pattern he really liked called Nelson’s Victory.  I drew the grid for him and using his colored pencils (and his color choices) he colored in the block.  The picture of Joseph and William on the floor is actually them sitting on their completed quilt block.  The word quilt in this family usually translates into picnic, so it only made sense that when Joseph finished his quilt block, that they pretended to have a picnic.

R is for…recycling.  We attempted to make our own recycled paper.  I didn’t realize that the Ad Sack is not the same thing as regular newspaper.  It was all about the process not the product.

S is for…stamps.  We did lots of stamping…great opportunity to practice spelling and patterns.

S is for…stickers.  Auntie Jane had sent the kids some valentine sticker puzzles, which we put to good use during S week.  Joseph also did some sticker stories where he chose stickers for a picture and then wrote a story.

We’ve also been continuing with our Right Start Math and The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, amongst other things.  Here are some random photos of the past few weeks of school (not Alphabet Path related):

2 thoughts on “M through S…

  1. What a lovely post. I am looking into homeschooling and am trawling blogs in order to find ‘real, live people’ who homeschool. Yours seems a lovely approach and I will certainly be stopping back.




  2. So even little Roo is in school huh? Cute. Great pictures of the boys in school and at their activities. You are sure a great teacher as well as Mother.


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