Outside my window…Joseph and William are playing with the umbrella on their picnic table, discussing the purpose of such an activity.  The birds are chirping, the sun is shining.  Life is good.

I am thankful…for friends like Cariann Galloway.  She took time out of her day on Sunday to show us a glimpse of what it’s like to be a vet.  She introduced us to many of her animal friends out at Glenoak Rehabilitation Center.  Joseph and William learned quite a bit about how to take care of a horse.  Our visit inspired lots of good reading including Vicky the Vet, Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm, Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm, The Little Pony, Horses and Ponies, Things People Do, Scholastic Discover More Farm, The Big Red Barn and much more.  Cariann’s introduction to horses was a perfect prelude for our Winterpromise curriculum since our work this week focuses on horses and who lives at the farm.

From the learning rooms…we’re on week 4 of our WinterPromise curriculum.  We’re currently doing I’m Ready to Learn and Journeys of Imagination.  We’ll begin Animals and their Worlds in the fall.  We also started doing Sandi Queen’s Language Lessons for Little Ones.  It’s perfect for William (he does the copywork with my help).  It’s too easy for Joseph, but it makes for a nice phonics review and a gentle introduction to narration and the study of fine art.  Here are Joseph and William’s farm murals that they recently made.  We’ve since added all the words in Spanish since Grandma Nury has been covering farms:

WinterPromise’s curriculum has lots (and lots) of crafts to make.  Here are Joseph and William making roosters one Sunday afternoon:

Here’s little Andrew joining the big brothers at the school table.

In the kitchen…fresh apple pie.  It’s Daxson’s favorite and since it’s our anniversary today, it just seems appropriate.

I am wearing…jean capris and a brown shirt.  I finally got to ditch my glasses because I made it in to see the optometrist and am now wearing my new contact prescription.

I am creating…a mental list of things to do.  Laundry is on there, of course.

I am readingStupid Things Parents Do To Mess Up Their Kids by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  I can never get enough Dr. Laura.

I am listening…to Joseph and William, chatting away as they play outside.

I am ponderingA Legacy of Grace.  Have you visited MomHeart yet?  Please, please go visit.  You’ll find so much inspiration there for your mothering journey.

One of my favorite things…spontaneous learning opportunities.

I am wondering…if you know that Signing Times is offering a free video on demand (and the opportunity to win an iPad 3).  Please go visit now and take advantage of the free video…if your kids haven’t seen Signing Times yet, they are sure to fall in love with Rachel, Alex, and Leah.  We’ve used Signing Times with all of our little ones and the benefits are enormous.  Andrew is just starting to use a few signs and it’s exciting to see that he’s already able to communicate with us!  Here’s Andrew at the Aquarium signing milk:

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing

One thought on “Daybook

  1. Oh my goodness, Those pictures are wonderful. Your boys are growing and learning so fast. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. You are a great mom.


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