It is bedtime.  Our family no longer all fits together in the family bed…little boys are growing big, so Joseph and William now sleep together in their own room.  We have read our stories and said sweet prayers, so I tuck both big boys in, turn off the lamp, and then…I climb in, too.  Andrew, already sleeping, lies between his two brothers.  I’ll take him into our bed after Joseph and William fall asleep, but for now, we are all together.  I lie on my side, nursing Andrew.  Joseph lies on the other side of Andrew.  His hand reaches over Andrew and finds mine.  He wraps his little hand in mine and squeezes tight.  William is on the other side of me, snuggled close to my back, his leg thrown over my side carelessly.  It is quiet.  Completely and totally quiet.  The quiet is a rarity for me; me who lives in a world surrounded by three boisturous little boys.  I revel in the stillness.  I breathe deeply, inhaling the scent of just bathed little boys and I listen to the rhythmic sound of each one’s breathing, slowing and steadying, preparing to drift off.  This time is so brief.  Soon these little boys will be big boys.  Soon these little boys won’t compete with one another for snuggling space with me.  Soon these little boys won’t need me close by to help them drift off into dreamland.  Daxson can’t understand why I continue to lay with them until they are asleep.  How can I not?  These might just be a few of the best moments of my day.

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