Outside my window…it’s cloudy and threatening rain.

I am thankful…for air conditioning.  Whew, it’s hot out there, but quite nice in here.

I am thinking…this is the 3rd time I’ve tried to write a daybook.  Not quite sure why I can’t seem to keep up with my blog these days.  Could it be that these three little boys keep me so busy that it’s hard to dash off even one sentence?

From the learning rooms…we ditched our WinterPromise preschool curriculum and we’re back to Five in a Row (just for the summer).  I promise to share our fall plans soon.  This week we’re working on Lentil by Robert McCloskey.  Today Joseph built the town of Alto with his blocks and acted out the story using his Little People.

In the kitchen…lentil soup…what could possibly be more appropriate for our story this week?

I am wearing…khaki shorts and a seafoam green tank top.  There was much discussion about the color of my shirt.  After much debate, I win.  It is exactly this color.

I am creating…a Charlotte Mason education plan.  I’m doing lots of reading, lots of planning, lots of dreaming.

I am readingHome Education by Charlotte Mason…finally I’ve gone to the original source for inspiration.

I am listening…to Uncle Tom’s Cabin on my Ipod.

I am pondering…quite a few things.  The one that weighs most heavily is the loss of a dear friend’s son.  I want to reflect on it for you, but right now I’m still pondering it in my heart.

One of my favorite things…art.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing

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