Outside my window…it is windy.  Very windy, yet I can still hear a dog barking somewhere in the distance.

I am thankful…for joy, laughter, and the time to share it.

I am thinking…about some wise words that I recently heard.  I now find myself asking often, “Will this … get my child to heaven?”  Be it a book, a game, a playdate.  Each moment should take us one step closer.

From the learning rooms…you wouldn’t know this yet, since I haven’t posted the promised plan for this school year, but we are traveling down the Alphabet Path again (we just can’t resist) and this week is A week.  Our house is filled with excitement…who knew that a letter could be so incredibly inspiring!

In the kitchen…an apple pie, of course.

I am wearing…a pink t-shirt and black gym shorts.

I am creating…plans, plans, plans!

I am readingMistress Shakespeare by Karen Harper, which I was tempted to quit a few pages into it, but now I’m intrigued and can’t seem to put it down.

I am listening…to the sound of a car passing by, the hum of the computer, and that barking dog somewhere out there.

I am praying…for our beautiful friends, Kateri and Joey, as they prepare to welcome their newest little one into the world.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing

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