2012-2013 Plan

Joseph and William:

The Alphabet Path (not in its entirety):  Read-alouds, faith and saint stories, picture study, letter formation activities, virtue lessons, PE/Practical Life activities and science baskets (we’re spending 2 weeks on each letter so that we’re able to cover our favorite alphabet path activities)

Faith: Seton’s Pre-K Religion for Young Catholics along with our Betty Luken’s Bible felt; Catholic Mosaic books and copywork; Leading Little Ones to Mary; Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (in our home with Moira Farrell’s handbook); Right Choices; as part of our Alphabet Path, we’re also using Big Thoughts for Little People , Letters from Heaven and God’s Alphabet.

Science: WinterPromise World of Animals (this is the “core” plan with a little of my own tweaking)…Joseph is using the 1st through 4th plans and William is using the Pre-K through K plans.  This program includes read-alouds and hands-on nature observations (I did rearrange the order of the presentation of letters so that we can still travel the Alphabet Path).

History:  A Child’s History of the World; a family timeline book with timeline figures from Hold That Thought (these are, by far, my favorite timeline figures out there and they have 2 sets available…World/US Figures and Bible/Church Figures)

Memory Work: Scripture verse each week (my choice); Poem from Favorite Poems each week (Joseph’s choice); Nursery Rhyme from Mother Goose every other week (William’s choice); Science/nature memory work as appropriate with our WP studies

Art: Picture Study (covering 1 artist every 6 weeks); The Way They See It

Music: Composer Study (covering 1 composer every 6 weeks); piano lessons

Geography: Map Drills (using Uncle Josh’s Outline Maps and Sonya Shafer’s method)

Spanish: Puertas Abiertas; Fun Spanish; Whistlefritz and Little Pim DVDs; Salsa episodes; Spanish beginning readers; Spanish CDs; and of course, Tuesday lessons with Abuela Nury


Math: Saxon 1 (we’ll move back to RightStart Mathematics Level B when we finish Saxon 1)

Handwriting: Handwriting without Tears K

Phonics: Explode the Code Book 3; Seton Faith and Freedom Reader

Spelling: Spelling Workout A (we’re going to change programs after this book…any recommendations?)

Language: First Language Lessons

Logic: Building Thinking Skills


Math: Saxon K

Handwriting: Handwriting without Tears Pre-K (moving very slowly through the hands-on activities and will start the “writing” pages when he’s ready)

Phonics:  AlphaPhonics with games and stories from Little Stories for Little Folks; Seton Faith and Freedom Reader

Language: Language Lessons for Little Ones

Logic: Building Thinking Skills

What are your plans for the year?

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