Outside my window…three little boys are being chased by Daddy.  There’s lots of squealing and screaming, but those smiles stretch from ear to ear.

I am thinking…if I just let Him, He does a great job guiding my life.

I am remembering…our grand adventure and the priceless memories made last weekend with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Gary, Auntie Leslie, Uncle Dustin, and Alex at A Day Out with Thomas.

I am thankful…for new life growing inside of me.

In the refrigerator…Grandma Nury’s cooking…I am so thankful for Grandma Nury and all of her delicious food.  I’m afraid we’d be eating cereal and only cereal right now if left up to me.  These days just the thought of food is enough to do me in.

I am wearing…gray shorts and a pink and white striped tank top.

I am creating…a pile of books I want to read this fall…now if only I could stay awake past 8:30.

I am going…to download pictures to Shutterfly soon.  I’m long overdue.

I am wondering…if I will ever feel caught up on all the things that need to be done.

I am readingThis Country of Ours by H.E. Marshall, one of many books on my shelf that I’d like to preview before reading to the boys.

On my iPod…Glenn Beck’s radio show.

I am looking forward to…the Vice Presidential Debate.

Around the house…we’re schooling.  We’re playing.  The big boys are taking good care of this mama.

I am pondering…the idea of motherhood as a form of idolatry and I am praying that I have not lost perspective…it’s so easy to make motherhood an idol.

I am praying…The Memorare, mostly because it’s just so comforting.

A favorite quote for today…”Yes, there are days when we have to encourage them to conquer the slides of life without our help. But there are also moments when we are God’s gift and his provision, his hands and feet for these little ones – protecting, training, guiding, clothing, rocking, feeding, sliding.” Katy Rose…read the rest of Katy’s story at the MomHeart blog.

One of my favorite things…cold honeydew.

A peek into my day

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3 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. Oh how fun…my boys have just about outgrown the Thomas phase, and I miss it. Somehow stepping on those little trains is nowhere near as painful as those stinkin’ Legos that rule my house now…

    and boy, if this isn’t the honest truth: “if I just let Him, He does a great job guiding my life.” Preach it! I needed that kick in the pants today.


  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Your children are blessed to have you for a mother!   Sue Carden Educational Consultant Usborne Books & More I can help you get FREE books with home parties, fundraisers, book fairs, matching grants and school & library sales.  ”Like” me on Facebook – Corpus Christi Books – Usborne Books & More  361-288-7966 (school and library programs) Books are gifts that are opened again and again.    


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