Outside my window…it’s crisp and cool, but the forecast says we’ll be back in the 80’s by the end of the week.

I am thinking…a little cardboard, some chalk and duct tape set the stage for an afternoon of fun.

I am remembering…my date with Daxson last night at a wonderful little restaurant.  Dinner without interruptions…I didn’t have to remind a single person to eat nor did I have to get up even once to refill a drink.  A wonderful meal…that I didn’t have to cook nor did I have to clean the dishes.  A conversation with Daxson, a relaxing meal, delicious food.  Seriously, who would’ve thought that two hours could be so priceless?

I am thankful…for a lovely visit with Mom.

In the refrigerator…pumpkin pie and some delicious chocolates I picked up from a local chocolate shop.  Sure hope Santa will add some of those chocolates under the tree.

I am wearing…a long sleeve gray t-shirt and corduroys.  Really need to pull out those maternity clothes soon…think everyone is tired of seeing me in cords, but that’s about all that fits these days.

I am creating…Advent plans.  Right now they’re all in my head, but I plan to get them on paper this weekend…and I’ll make my best effort to share.

I am going…to finish up my Christmas shopping this week.  Just have Daxson left to shop for and that’s just a matter of picking up a few gift certificates.  Feels so good to have it all done so now I can focus just on Advent and the opportunity to prepare for the coming of Christ.  Elizabeth Foss shares her thoughts about shopping over here.

I am inspired…to shed some materialistic goods around here…as much as I can before the toys begin arriving for Christmas.

I am readingMichael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25.  I am seriously hooked, can’t seem to put it down.

On my iPod…Hail Mary, Gentle Woman by Angelina.  Soon I’ll download some Christmas music…it’s time.

I am looking forward to…reading Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison.  My yearly Advent reflection.

In our learning room…catching up on quite a few things…from science lessons to social opportunities.  We’re long overdue.

Around the house…we’re almost finished decorating…still need to hang our stockings.  Not sure why we went through so much trouble when renovations are about to begin and I’m sure a nice layer of dust is going to cover everything, but right now we’re all enjoying the sights and sounds of the season.

I am ponderinghow to encourage and cultivate a love for our Lord in young children.

I am praying…for our little friend in Houston at the children’s hospital as he continues a good fight and his family, especially during this holiday season.

One of my favorite things…laughter.

A peek into my day

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