Joseph likes routine.  He craves it.  He functions quite well when the routine is, well, routine.  But life doesn’t always cater to our routines.  We adapt.  We adjust.  Joseph trails along begrudgingly, not really adapting, not really adjusting, following along only because he has no choice.  I can see through his eyes that life can seem rather gray when it’s chaotic and you crave consistency, so  I’ve explained to him that life is full of seasons and that just as real seasons do, this “season” of life will pass.  A new season will arrive, full of hope and promise, despite how bleak and dull the current season may feel.  We have just entered our metaphoric spring, leaving behind three long months of winter, filled with morning sickness, renovations, and a lack of consistent routine.  While we experienced our long winter, we were reminded that just like nature, life has seasons of what looks like misery, but really they are filled with preparation for beautiful new life (and in some cases, beautiful new kitchens!).  We’re not running like clock-work yet, but each day brings us one step closer.  Each day we add back one more element of “normal” and Joseph is learning, begrudgingly, that seasons really do pass…spring really does arrive and with it, the hope and promise of a better day.

Our winter (these are from when we first moved in)…

IMG_0144_1 IMG_0147_1 IMG_0148_1 IMG_0150_1 IMG_0151_1

Here are some more before pictures…

tin town 002_1

IMG_3351_1 IMG_1720_1 IMG_1716_1 IMG_1199_1

Here is our spring (and a lovely spring it is!)…

house renovations 2013 013_1_1 house renovations 2013 009_1_1 house renovations 2013 008_1_1 house renovations 2013 005_1_1 house renovations 2013 004_1_1

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