Outside my window…it is dark and rainy.

I am thinking…my to-do list continues to grow, despite my efforts to cross things off.

I am remembering…William’s sweet little voice tonight as he sang Hail Mary to me because “even mommies should have someone to sing them to sleep.”

I am thankful…Andrew finally took a nap today.

In the refrigerator…salmon patties.  Really, I can’t figure out why these are such a hit around here, but they are.

I am wearing…maternity clothes…finally dug them out.

I am creating…a routine once again.

I am going…to be buried under 1099s and taxes for the next few days.

I am inspired…by Ann Voskamp’s day planner…I haven’t actually filled one out yet, but I did manage to print some and have them sitting near my school planning.  Perhaps next week will be my week to get back to planning.

I am reading…a cheese shop mystery and browsing my shelves for a good parenting book to re-read.  What’s beside your bed right now?

On my iPod…nothing, but I plan to fill it back up soon…any good suggestions?

I am looking forward to…finding out whether this new little one will be dressed in blue or pink…and ending Joseph and William’s argument about which gender God has decided we need (Joseph believes it’ll be a girl, “God knows we need a girl because we don’t have any so I’m sure that’s what He’ll send” while William is adamant that God is sending a boy, “God better send a boy…or else.”)

In our learning room…I am loving that we can get started even earlier than we used to…now the kids can work on some of their independent work while I make breakfast…

January 2013 030_1

Around the house…laundry, laundry, laundry.

I am pondering…William and the questions he comes up with…(after listening to me sing “Rock a Bye Baby”) “Mommy, what happened to the baby?  Did the mommy catch him?  Did the baby fall on the mommy in her chair?  Mommy, people don’t really hang their baby’s cradles in trees, do they?”

I am praying…with Joseph “for all the little boys and girls everywhere, especially the ones who don’t have what we have, like a bed to sleep in, a mommy and daddy to snuggle, and food to eat.”

One of my favorite things…watching Roo nod yes when asked a question.

A peek into my day…painting 101 with Daddy.

January 2013 026_1

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