Outside my window…it’s sunny, beautiful, and hot.  Oh how I wish we had a pool.

I am remembering…a beautiful baptism.

Katie's Baptism June 22, 2013 032_1

Katie's Baptism June 22, 2013 025_1

One of my favorite things…little girls with bows!

june 2013 061_1

I am thankful…for the big trees in our backyard and the shade they provide…I think I might have already said that, but really…how would I survive a Texas summer without them?

I am thinking…of dinner yesterday.  We had just finished eating and we turned on our History Channel Presidents documentary.  We watched the section on Franklin Pierce and how he lost 3 sons, including one that he saw die in a train accident.  It was said that his wife died soon after and then Pierce spent the remainder of his days after the Presidency drinking.  Joseph looked up and said, “Well at least we won’t have to worry about that with James Buchanan…he wasn’t married, so he didn’t have any problems.”  Oh dear, is that what he really thinks of marriage and wives?

In the kitchen…today was Waffle Wednesday, so fresh waffles and berry syrup.  Mmmm!

I am wearing…olive green shorts and a striped v-neck t-shirt.  I don’t match.  As usual.

I am creating…a list of things to do.

I am going…to hang all my diapers out to dry soon.  They are in desperate need of some sun bleaching.

I am reading…Hold on to Your Kids.

On my iPod…Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me

In our learning room…Presidents and birds.  Plus all those fun summer plans that I labored over during the spring…literacy centers, math centers, and lots of reading.

Around the house…catching up on laundry.

I am pondering…this thought from Susan Macaulay…”Look well at the child on your knee.  In whatever condition you find him, look with reverence.  We can only love and serve him and be his friend.  We cannot own him.  He is not ours.”  For the Children’s Sake

I am praying…for grace in parenting.

One of my favorite things…listening to Andrew said, “K, coming!”

A peek into my day

Andrew's Bday June 22, 2013 017_1

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