Outside my window…the rain is still falling.  I love the sound of it.

I am thinking…I can’t get enough of dresses and bloomers and hair bows…who knew little girls could be so fun to dress?

august austin 2013c 059_1

I am remembering…Joseph’s surprise tonight when his tooth fell out.  He claims the tooth fairy pays $2 per tooth.  Really?

I am thankful…for all the rain.  It’s been awhile.

In the refrigerator…a gluten free berry cobbler and some chicken, cooked and diced, ready to be added to my pot of chicken tortilla soup.

I am wearing…a green sleeveless top and a black skirt (that my very talented sister-in-law just whipped together for me).

I am creating…nothing.  I find myself too busy to create lately…soon, though, soon.  First in my mind…that beaded scarf I’ve been wanting to knit.

I am going…to finally have to do some shopping for this sweet little girl!

I am inspired…by every mom I meet.  We are all superheroes.

I am readingThe 10 Habits of Happy Mothers by Meg Meeker.

On my iPodSimply Charlotte Mason’s Language Arts the Charlotte Mason Way

I am looking forward to…some fall weather. 

In our learning room…we are loving all of our curriculum this year.  One of the highlights is definitely Classically Catholic Memory.  We get together with Jessica, Walker and Gavin every two weeks to introduce the new material.  I am amazed at how well they’re learning (and retaining) all the memory work!

august austin 2013c 011_1

august austin 2013c 013_1

august austin 2013c 018_1

Around the house…laundry, as usual.

I am pondering…suffering.  I am eager to hear about Kirk Cameron’s new movie, Unstoppable.  Do you have tickets to see it?

I am praying…for our little friend, Levi, and his mama.

One of my favorite things…reading to my kids (especially when they are all quiet and listening at the same time).

A peek into my day

August and September 2013 phone 032_1

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