Outside my window…night has fallen.  The temperatures have not.  Seriously.  Where. is. fall???

I am thinkingthis video is great!  It definitely captures life with boys.

I am thankful…the simple things keep these boys happy.  Tonight it was paper airplanes…such squeals of delight.

In the refrigerator…The Pioneer Woman’s Sunday Night Stew…yep, I know it’s only Thursday, but I just couldn’t wait.  (an added bonus…it’s a gluten free and easily adapted to being an allergen free recipe!)

I am wearing…a pink t-shirt and gray shorts.

I am creating…a grocery list.  That’s the extent of my creativity these days.

I am inspired…by this story and this one, too, and I am loving the thoughts shared here.

I am readingThe 10 Habits of Happy Mothers by Meg Meeker.  I’m on habit #4.  Still reflecting on habit #1.

On my iPod…where is my iPod?  Time to add some fresh encouragement to it…any suggestions?

I am looking forward to…a visit with my little animal loving nephew soon. 

In our learning room…we are studying insects so I figured what better way to study them than to have some live ones to watch.  This thing is awesome!  Everyone is completely captivated by it (including Daxson).

sept 2013c 013_1

I am pondering…control and faith and the thin line between the two.

I am praying…for Mom and a speedy recovery.

August and September 2013 phone 046_1

One of my favorite things…all of us in one picture…and all of us looking at the camera.

September 2013 022_1

A peek into my day

August and September 2013 phone 072_1

Please visit The Simple Woman’s Daybook for more daybook entries.

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