Outside my window…it’s absolutely beautiful.  Clear skies, lots of sunshine, and little boys running wild.  Absolutely beautiful.

I am thinking…chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers…whoever came up with that combination was brilliant!  Here are Joseph and William enjoying their first campfire and s’mores.  As for their first campout…well, that lasted until 9:30, when both boys were still wide awake.  William was convinced, absolutely convinced, that a bear was going to get him in his sleep.  In our backyard.

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I am remembering…our visit to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago.

pumpkin patch oct 17, 2013 001_1 pumpkin patch oct 17, 2013 004_1 pumpkin patch oct 17, 2013 014_1 pumpkin patch oct 17, 2013 016_1 pumpkin patch oct 17, 2013 017_1 pumpkin patch oct 17, 2013 021_1

I am thankful…for an afternoon this week with one of my favorite people, Ms. B.  There are people who inspire us just by being.  They just exude joy and gratitude and inspiration.  Ms. B is one of those people.

In the refrigerator…all the ingredients to make some stuffed red peppers.  I’m winging this one…I don’t do that often (I’m a dedicated recipe follower), but I’m imagining what I want them to taste like.  Let’s see if I can make them taste that way.

I am wearing…gray shorts and a blue shirt.  It’s November and it was high 70s today.  Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere with four seasons, but then I remember that we get to play outside comfortably all year round…I stopped wishing.

I am creating…a grocery list.

I am going…to have to take Joseph shopping soon.  He’s outgrown all of his pants.  Again.

I am inspired…by all the people on facebook who are taking the time this month to name all the things they are thankful for.  I think I need to re-visit the idea of One Thousand Gifts and the task of keeping a list of those things I’m grateful for.

I am reading…Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly.  I don’t usually read history books because most are pretty dry and put me to sleep, but this one has me on the edge of my seat.

On my iPodSimply Charlotte Mason’s Reaching Past the Fear

I am looking forward to…stress free holidays (do those exist?)

In our learning room…finally opened up our lab set and did an experiment.

nov 7, 2013 040_1

Around the house…trying to sort clothes to pull out the cold weather clothing (although this could be in vain since I’m wondering if cold weather is ever really coming this year).  Really, someone out there must have a better organization system for organizing kids clothing.  It’s a huge task to get out each season’s clothes.  Please share your method with me!

I am ponderingsilence.

I am praying…for Mom’s recovery and our little friend, Levi, and his mama.

One of my favorite things…board games (I know this picture is a little blurry, but I had to share because if you look hard, you can see Katie is holding a card, too!)

October 24, 2013 029_1

A peek into my daynov 7, 2013 012_1

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