A Christmas Eve Daybook

Outside my window…the boys are warmly dressed, running wild, reenacting scenes from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  I no longer have a Joseph, William, and Andrew…I now have a King Peter the Magnificent and two, yes two, Aslans.

I am thinking…my days of having this little girl tucked snugly against me are numbered…she’s crawling!

dec 14, 2013 055_1

I am remembering…it seems like just yesterday that this one was the one in the carrier.  Now he’s keeping up with the rest of them.

december 22, 2013 057_1

I am thankful…for a husband who is incredibly helpful.

In the refrigerator…star sugar cookies…decorated and ready for Santa.

december 22, 2013b 037_1 december 22, 2013b 039_1 december 22, 2013b 041_1

I am wearing…light green yoga pants, a pink Gap t-shirt, and my slippers…they are just so cozy.

I am creating…a curriculum for our spring science…the human body.  Lots of great books and fun hands-on activities.

I am ponderingthe Advent Journey.

I am inspired…to find water bottle holders for each of the boy’s bikes…this human mule can only carry so much.

I am reading…The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.

I am looking forward to…delighted squeals on Christmas morning.

Around the house…the reindeer dust is ready to be sprinkled on the roof.

december 22, 2013b 046_1

One of my favorite things…sifting through old pictures and stumbling on a precious memory (that’s Joseph).

Phoebe is protecting me_1

A peek into my day

dec 9, 2013 066_1

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