Outside my window…it’s sunny and beautiful…a taste of spring.

I am thinking…everyone looking at the camera at the same time is getting to be a rare exception around here.

december 28, 2013a 044_1

I am remembering…the other night when I was putting Andrew to sleep.  I left the room for a moment only to return to a well-lit room.  I asked Andrew why the light was on.  It turns out Bullseye (the action figure) needed to talk to me.  When I asked what he needed to tell me, Andrew shyly replied that it was a secret and maybe he could tell me later.  The light went back off and Andrew (and Bullseye) fell asleep.  I have yet to learn Bullseye’s secret.

I am thankful…for boys who still love to snuggle.

I am laughing…because it’s extremely hard to take William seriously like this…

december 28, 2013c 001_1

In the refrigerator…scones and Cornish pasties.  We just began studying Europe this past week, beginning with Great Britain.  Tomorrow we’ll be eating in Scotland and soon it’ll be time for Irish stew.

I am wearing…light green yoga pants with a pink t-shirt.  The waistband on these pants is finally beginning to show a little too much wear.  I think I’m overdue for some new pants.

I am creating…a to-do list.  1099s top the list (yep, it’s that time of year again).  Organizing the school room closet, finding a moment to chat with my dear friend in Utah, and making more baby food are all up there, too.

I am pondering…this mama’s blog and thinking much about what I signed up for.

I am hoping…these sweet boys will always be such good friends.

christmas 2013 002_1

I am inspired…by Rachel Macy Stafford and her book Hands Free Mama.

I am readingTwenty Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit, but I chose it because it was a free download for the Kindle.  I still haven’t become an avid Kindle user, so I’m sticking to the freebies for now.  It turns out this book is actually fairly entertaining.

I am looking forward to…a cup of tea in the morning.  I feel like the Chinese might be onto something with this whole green tea thing. 

In our learning room…Joseph is thrilled with our science plans for this semester…we’re studying the human body (and even William and Andrew are having fun!)

Around the house…I’ve dusted.  I’ve swept.  I’ve mopped.  I’ve scrubbed.  Now I’m resting.

One of my favorite things…when kids think they have found the perfect hiding spot (if I can’t see you, Mommy, then obviously you can’t see me…)

christmas 2013 029_1

A peek into my day

christmas 2013 048_1

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