Our Schoolroom

school room 014_1

Our little schoolroom.  We spend quite a bit of our day in this room.  It’s filled with books and games and art supplies to fuel little boys’ imaginations.

school room 025_1 school room 026_1

After breakfast, we all head to the schoolroom.  We gather together to sing and pray. We begin our day with the Pledge of Allegiance and our calendar work.

school room 004_1

Then the big boys settle down with their work, while Andrew wanders over to his shelf and chooses an activity.  Katie roams around.

Andrew's shelf is the top shelf here...

Andrew’s shelf is the middle shelf here, filled with hands-on activities to keep a busy 2 year old, well, busy…

school room 024_1

This basket sits close to Andrew’s shelf. It is filled with the Bambino Luk and books.

We have a lot of school “stuff” so organization is a huge task.

The big boys each have a basket of their school books.

The big boys each have a basket of their school books.  This makes it easy for them to grab their work and get busy.  The big basket on the far right holds my books…lesson plans, teacher editions, and the like.  The boys’ school notebooks are nestled between their baskets.  Any narrations or worksheets are filed in appropriate notebooks at the end of each week.

school room 003_1

Our living books are kept here…bibles, history, geography and science books.  The basket on the right (with the upside down book!) houses all the books Joseph and William create.  The pencil boxes are the boys’ “school boxes” which hold their crayons, pencils, scissors and erasers.

school room 010_1

The closet…filled with games, manipulatives, art supplies, and more.

Here is our prayer corner, which doubles as our altar for our home atrium.

school room 007_1

The boys love to showcase their work here (usually it’s school related work, but we’ve been painting A LOT with all this cold weather)…

school room 009_1

Our schoolroom isn’t just for school, though.  Joseph and William often disappear into this room as they create stories and books and games of their own.  Their imaginations come alive with the help of some colored paper, markers and tape.

school room 020_1

We have a magnetic chalkboard and whiteboard. The easel paper above the chalkboard can be pulled down and held in place with magnets for painting or drawing.  The IKEA buckets hanging above and below are awesome for storing chalk, erasers, markers and magnets.

m, n, o. p weeks 029_1

The paper organizer is filled with all sorts of paper (letter writing, blank, colored, handwriting), blank books, cards, and envelopes.

m, n, o. p weeks 030_1school room 018_1
It’s colorful.  It’s educational.  It’s inviting.  We love our time here.

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