Outside my window…a squirrel scampers up the tree and pauses.  Andrew sits and watches, captivated.

I am thinking…about plans for next year…RC History again?  Sonlight?  Story of the World?  Decisions, decisions.

I am blessed…with such spirited children…they make me laugh!

feb 8, 2014 010_1

I am remembering…my first communion as Joseph prepares for his.

I am thankful…for this smile.  This sweet, precious smile and all the joy it holds.

february 9. 2014 041_1 february 9. 2014 043_1 february 9. 2014 044_1

In the refrigerator…Valentine’s Day cookies (dairy and soy free chocolate chip cookies with a few Valentine sprinkles thrown in).

I am wearing…black pants and a pink shirt.  Oh and my slippers.  These tile floors are so cold!

I am creating…silly Valentines for the kids and pairing them with Usborne books (you still have time…go, order on Jessica’s show!)…for Joseph: “Your love is magical” with this magic kit and this magic book; for William: “You are out of this world and aMAZEing” with these paper airplanes and this awesome maze book; for Andrew: “I’m not LION…you are DINOmite!” with this lion book and this dinosaur book.

I am going…to have to run to HEB this week…I forgot to pick up a few boxes of the little heart candies…you know, the Valentine ones with the words on them.  I see a nice Math sorting and graphing activity in our future.

We are celebrating…a clean soul!  Joseph made his 1st Reconciliation this past week.  He came out of Confession with a huge smile on his face.  After doing his penance, he came over to me and said, “Boy, I feel so much better!  My soul just feels clean.”  We picked up vanilla ice cream to celebrate such a pure soul!  (Of course we had to add some strawberries and raspberries to show God’s love and a few blueberries as a reminder that Mary loves us, too!)

feb 8, 2014 005_1 feb 8, 2014 017_1

I am loving…these historic breastfeeding pictures!

I am inspiredby Paige’s thoughts.  Think this might just be my favorite blog post.

I am readingAmerica the Beautiful by Ben Carson on Scribd.  I am loving the book, but I took advantage of the Fox and Friends promotion to get 3 months of Scribd free…1 month in and still not excited about it.

Oh and my Kindle…my glorious Kindle!  I am in love with this thing…I can now take 10 books to bed and not have to worry about the stack falling off the nightstand!  On there I am reading Thirty and a Half Excuses by Denise Grover Swank (her first one in this series is free for your Kindle!), 10 Gifts of Wisdom by Sally Clarkson, and In God’s Garden by Amy Steedman (this one’s free for your Kindle!).

I am when kids dress up as someone, they only answer to that name.  William constantly says, “You mean Superman?” when I call him William.  Andrew cuts me the eye and says, “No I Buzz Lightyear.”  Yesterday, even Gavin, kept reminding me, “No, I’m Lancelot.”  Okay boys.  Got it.  At least til you change your costume…

february 9. 2014 027_1

In our learning room…the Trojan War, the five senses, and preparation for First Communion.  Our days are full!

One of my favorite things…getting ready for St. Valentine’s Day…

february 9. 2014 001_1 february 9. 2014 002_1 february 9. 2014 003_1 february 9. 2014 006_1

A peek into my day

february 9. 2014 059_1

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2 thoughts on “Daybook

    • Paige, I absolutely adore your blog and all your thoughts! I’ve been sharing it with all the young moms in my life to encourage them. Thank YOU for reminding me how blessed I am…even when I’m in the midst of these crazy little years!


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