Outside my window…a strange spring storm just blew in and three little boys are running wild enjoying the cool, crisp air.

I am thinking…Katie doesn’t have much hair, but the little she has is incredibly cute…look closely…no, I mean really closely and you’ll get a glimpse of the tiniest mohawk ever.

April 13, 2014 031_1

I am blessed…with a husband who is willing to cut up little earthworms to feed the frog since I forgot to order frog food.

I am remembering…our day trip to Rockport and the ferry ride home (don’t worry…we’re not climbing THE big tree and yes, mosquitoes were already out but so were the beautiful wildflowers!).

April 13, 2014 060_1 April 13, 2014 066_1 April 13, 2014 070_1 April 13, 2014 071_1 April 13, 2014 074_1 April 13, 2014 077_1 April 13, 2014 090_1 April 13, 2014 092_1 April 13, 2014 093_1 April 13, 2014 097_1 April 13, 2014 098_1 April 13, 2014 101_1 April 13, 2014 105_1 April 13, 2014 113_1 April 13, 2014 117_1 April 13, 2014 119_1 April 13, 2014 122_1 April 13, 2014 124_1

I am thankful…for my little helpers.  Joseph and William have helped keep laundry going today and Joseph even loaded a few dishes in the dishwasher.  It’s the little things that ease this mama’s burden.

In the refrigerator…Bill Miller’s BBQ.

I am wearing…shorts and a t-shirt and everything is on correctly.  Last week, I went to take a shower at the end of the day and discovered my shirt was on backwards…yep, you read that right, ladies and gentlemen, I wore my shirt backwards…ALL DAY…yep, even to church and wherever else we went that day.  And there were 5 other people with me who never once told me something looked odd (I guess maybe the kids just didn’t notice, but really Dax, what were you thinking?!)

I am creating…plans for next year.  Please leave a comment and share some of your favorite curriculum choices.

I am laughing…about Joseph’s comment this morning at Target.  We were walking through the store and William (who always feels that he MUST buy something with his allowance at EVERY store we go to) was whining about how he needed to buy something and Joseph said to him, “I’m going to report to the birthday fairy that you are still whining and she may take away your new age…you’ll have to go back to being 4 if you don’t stop that whining.”  Surprisingly, he did stop whining…at that moment about spending money.  He didn’t start whining again until the next store about how since he’s 5, his boots are too small for him.

I am lovingLeap Year…I can’t help it!  I’m a total sucker for romantic comedies!

I am inspired…by Andrew Pudewa.  Really inspired by this guy.  I was going to recommend his talk about Teaching Boys and Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day but really, any of his talks are awesome!

I am readingA Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith for book club and The Living Page by Laurie Bestvater.

In our learning room…the Persians, growth and development, and division.

One of my favorite things…big boxes.

April 13, 2014 049_1

A peek into my day

April 13, 2014 013_1 April 13, 2014 021_1 April 13, 2014 017_1


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  1. Oh my gosh! I love it all and yes, really Dax what were you thinking to not tell your wife her shirt looked funny if nothing else.


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