Outside my window…the sun is shining and a breeze is blowing.  Life is good.

I am remembering

Andrew's bday June 2014 162_1

I am wondering…if you need an excuse to shop.  I’m hosting an online Usborne book show and I’d love to have you participate! It’s a great way to build your home library and fill the imaginations of all the children in your lives.  You can place your order online anytime between now and the end of July.  Just follow this link:

I am thankful…when these sweet little people are actually getting along.

july 1, 2007 013_1 july 1, 2007 016_1 july 1, 2007 017_1 july 1, 2007 018_1

In the refrigerator…fried okra.  Grandpa Larry has been giving us okra from his garden and now Joseph’s okra is ready, too.  After it’s been fried, we stick the leftovers in the fridge and then we just snack on it…often.  Yum.

I am wearing…blue gym shorts and a blue tank top.

I am creating…a quick chemistry unit study.  Joseph and William are absolutely fascinated by the elements and I remember nothing from high school chemistry.

We are celebrating…birthdays!  Andrew just turned 3.

Andrew's bday June 2014 215_1 Andrew's bday June 2014 219_1 Andrew's bday June 2014 222_1 Andrew's bday June 2014 228_1

I am readingKilling Kennedy for book club.  More accurately, I am listening to it as an audio book.  I’m also reading The Wednesday Sisters on my Kindle.

In our learning room…such fun summer plans…plants, Native Americans, the beginning of Christianity, ponds.

One of my favorite things…Sundays.

july 6, 2014 009_1 july 6, 2014 011_1 july 6, 2014 012_1 july 6, 2014 014_1 july 6, 2014 015_1 july 6, 2014 028_1 july 6, 2014 037_1 july 6, 2014 049_1

A peek into my day

july 2, 2007 034_1

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